(NEW) YETI 700 vs. YETI 500X

ANDREW Member Posts: 7 ✭✭

Hello, I am Andrew (obviously) and I am a Goal Zero fanboy.

Recently I purchased a brand new YETI 500X from local REI store. Having absolutely zero complaints so far (it's been about a week now), an angel whispered into my ear about Goal Zeros new products launching on the 30th of this month. Without any shadow of doubt, the new YETI 700 is love at first sight. Now, I've had my fair share of relationships in the past, but none of them had me feeling the way I do for the YETI 700.

All jokes aside, I have a few questions to ask here today. First, in terms of capability and compatibility with the NOMAD 50 solar panels, are there any features lacking of the YETI 700 which the 500X has?

Secondly, is the DC output on the YETI 700 any less than that of the 500X?

Thirdly (Which may be similar to the first question), will the NOMAD 50 solar panels work with the YETI 700 or will I need to go ahead to get the NOMAD 100 panels to be safe?

I am 5 minutes away from walking into REI to return my 500X and NOMAD 50 panels in order to pre-order the YETI 700 for it's launch on the 30th. Will the current Goal Zero car charger and the solar panel extension cable be compatible?

Looking forward to the new Goal Zero products! I haven't been this starstruck in quite some time, excited for the future of Goal Zero!