Boulder 100i spliced to Yeti 4000 HPP flying leads input

Kane Member Posts: 1 ✭✭

I mounted four Boulder 100i panels on my van, which have the MC4 connections. Wired them together in parallel and penetrated the positive and negative wire ends through the roof. I have the HPP+ input escape remote display adapter, with the Hpp+ to flying leads coming off that and spliced to the MC4 flying leads coming down.

Is this ok? It works, and I do get power from the panels but have only gotten up to 230W so far(from the 400W of panels). Also, when it gets dark and cold, it starts throwing a fault for HV DC In Undervolt. Would this be from the connection I did, or some other issue. I believe I wired everything up with same gauge wire. The panels are connected with two MC4 parallel adapters purchased off amazon.