Charging 1500x with victron solar panel

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Hi GoalZero

Ive been using my gz1500x for quite a long time and been very happy about it

i was charging it with the solar panel nomad 200. I finally install a victron (spm043602400) solar panel on the roof of my van. 360W below 50V as described in the user manual 

Today with the nomad 200 i achieved 142W maximum. When with the victron i get only 40-50 W. Without cloud. With my experience i should got about 250W… And it wasn’t stable… getting 40W then 0W then back 40W.

The voltage at the connector (power pole) without load is 40.5V. Plugged into the mppt input on the front panel

the cable section is 10mm2. We have no bad connection. We double check the wiring. And the tension on the connector side is stable and not flickering