Any auxillary/external battery status gauge/meter work with Yeti 1500X?

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My Yeti 1500X in installed under a bench seat in my converted van. Far too often, the Goal Zero app disconnects, regardless of the connection option, device, or OS.

With my Yeti installed under the bench seat, checking battery status or reconnecting the app is cumbersome. Are there any after market external (preferably wired) 12v battery meter/gauge indicator displays? Additionally, vehicle integration isnt possible.

As an example, Im trying to find something similar to the Goal Zero 10-AMP Charge controller or even simplier. See image.

All suggestions are welcome! :)


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    @JBX ,

    If you are looking to connect a meter to the Lithium pack of the Yeti, you won't be able to do that with an external meter through the 12V output ports since they are coming out past a regulator. The voltage that is provided should always be around 13.8V DC even if the Yeti is 2% or 100% full.

    Calculating State of Charge ( SoC ) is not as simple as X voltage = Y SoC. The internal BMS has stored in it a specific set of tables and calculations for the cells used in it and is more related to current flow than apparent voltage with calibrations that happen overtime as it monitors charging and dicharging.

    If you are having trouble with the app, have you looked through the public wifi wiki on github?

    After going though those docs, have you reached out to our customer support agents?

    If none of that is helping and you have a new issue, please open the app and use the feedback form to get it in front of the developers so we can improve the app for everyone.