Optimal setup for solar panels on Yeti 6000X

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Hi all,

I'm quite new to power stations and their solar panels, hence I've got a few questions on my mind.

So I've read in many places that the max supported solar input is 600W, but at the same time

  • 1200W* Rated Panels (4x Ranger 300/etc.): 11-12 Hours of sunlight

My winters can be pretty gloomy, so I plan to have 4 Ranger 300 plugged to a Yeti 6000X. Is there any risk to damage my power station, or will I just not be able to capture the full solar energy (I can live with that)?

From this other comment, I understand I just need the 30-Amp External MPPT and I should be fine, correct?

Thanks in advance for your insights!

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